Inspections and Assessments

Whether you are a potential homebuyer, renter or lessee, you have the right to have the property tested for the presence of lead-based paint and an assessment of any lead-based paint hazard.

We can provide this inspection and assessment for you using non-destructive sampling with our XRF instrument. This instrument provides us with immediate results without damaging the surface tested, and without having to send the samples to a lab for analysis.

We also provide you with a complete written report of all samples tested, usually the same day.

We attempt to have the inspections done within three days of your contacting us.

Note: Instant chemical color-change test kits found in many retail stores are not recommended nor approved by the EPA. EPA Study, "A Field Test of Lead-based Paint Testing Technologies: Summary Report" (EPA 747-R-95-002, May 1995) have found them to be unreliable.

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